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Google Everywhere

Earlier it was reported that Google was partnering with DISH Network in a joint television venture.  Now it has been revealed that Google is also joining with Intel and Sony to bring their new GoogleTV to more homes.  The software which could be in the form of a set-top box is in its infancy, but still has huge potential.  With DISH Network unveiling its new set-top box, this might be a good time to steal their thunder with their own press release.  The next step in set-top box evolution is the ability to receive internet content via Ethernet or wireless connection.

Most televisions are still young when it comes to this new technology, which is probably why Google wants to get in now.  Especially with the negative feedback of the initial AppleTV release, I’m sure that they’ve collected information on what will be good and bad.  But really, how much does one really need to surf the internet on their television while watching a recorded HD program???  There will never be an all in one Skynet-like company that will put a product out.

Obviously I would think that Android would be utilized as the initial interface.  Android, while decent, still has yet to bite off any huge market share in the phone industry.  Perhaps Google is trying the shotgun-approach where they will get their foot into the door in many areas, then hope that their products will take hold.  Either way, by partnering with other electronic giants, they also develop those partnerships as well.  Looking down the line, if things turn out well, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that maybe they get bought out.  Google has done crazier things before…

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